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Fuck. Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck.

I'm in pain. Incredible, dire pain. I'd be cryibg from pain right now if I let myself and I just took Vicadin and Motrin and I'm waiting for the effects to kick in. I'm also holding a cold water bottle to my cheek so I'm typing with one hand so pardon the misspellings. Just for the record: wisom teeth suck. I wish I were like Dad and 'not smart enough to have any'.

I can't stand this. I want to scream if I could even feel my lower jaw. And I want to eat but my gums started bleeding again so my once warm food is sitting, waiting for me.

Holy fuck this hurts.

But, I shall digress because I want to put up this post.

Konoha Quartet

It is- clockwise from the upper left- Iruka, Kakashi, Sasuke and Naruto with the Konoha symbol behind them from the series entitled Naruto. Don't know it? I suggest you find out as soon as you can. Why? Because it's funny, action packed, has lots of cool characters, it's in Weekly Jump (you know it's gotta be good, then) and, most importantly, it's about SHINOBI! I love ninja for some reason. Any ninja-esque characters, I love. There need to be more Shinobi in the world.

Speaking of things people need to pick up: Eye Shield 21 which also runs in Weekly Jump. I don't really like most sports or competition-centric series (the only ones i've ever /really/ liked are slam dunk and cyber formula and- if you can call it that- shaman king), but Eye Shield 21 is just great! Lots of humor, good art and a great cast- small, could use some more major-minor characters, but really good twists on what could've been a very cliche-personality archetyped team. Kinda makes me want to get back into football. Just a bit.

Okay, that's it, I'm gone.

*goes to wallow in her blood, spittle, gauze and misery* My poor rice....

Anime/Manga of the moment: Eye Shield 21
Game of the moment: Guilty Gear XX/Xenosaga
Character of the moment: Chip Zanuff/Tarou [Guilty Gear XX/Eye Shield 21]
Couple of the moment: Anji and Chip/Sakuraba and Shin [Guilty Gear XX/Eye Shield 21]
BGM of the moment: My mouth screaming in pain....

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